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 The MAON  : Multitherapy related content and app development - Selected as an excellent technology company .

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the temperature of my heart


“Digital self-mental care” is the reorganized digital version of the 20+ years content of Multi-therapy which is the leader of color psychology in Korea.

We hope that everyone would be able to easily take care of their body and mind and have a valuable and happy life through Maon.

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to create a healthy world

easier to do

Using multi-therapy color psychology reading technology

to see, hear and feel

We have developed a mental management emotional care app.

​with professional support

help your health


​We want to provide a solution tailored to each user so that each user can satisfy the desired sensibility.

실내 요가

for me

요가 클래스

For growing children

사람들은 하이 파이브를 하고 있다

For businesses

Multi-therapy color psychology reading technology


Color psychology reading technology is a reading technology developed based on color psychology clinical data that has been in progress for over 20 years, and has been proven through many educations, consultations, and clinical trials.

Representatively, there are color chip test reading technology, self-diagnosis drawing  reading technology, figure drawing reading technology, and image color reading technology.

Depending on the reading result, various emotional care solutions are provided, 

​Anyone can feel it easily and follow it.



Please note: MAON is not designed to assist with crises such as serious mental health conditions and other medical emergencies.

MAON is  cannot and does not provide medical or clinical advice. We can only suggest that you seek professional medical help.

In case of emergency, please contact the information office in your country.

Welcome  to K Multitherapy ON

It is a space where Korean multi-therapy is with the world.

Enjoy Color Magic


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