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You can see the background story of the start of this business project and the story of the world we’re going to be creating together.


Before we get into the project story...

Let us introduce ‘ONDORI’.


Bullet 0.  Background: Birth Story

100 billion light years away from Earth, there is a planet called Therapion.

There are triplets there that light up the planet.

The triplets illuminate the bottom, middle, and top of the planet.

The brighter the planet species’s ‘On’ gets, the brighter the planet becomes.

(*‘On’ is the light of the heart)


There are seven constellations on Theapion that takes care of the triplets so the triplets won’t lose their light.

The constellations are called ‘On’, and they have their respective roles.

And next to the constellations, there are Ondories that play a role together.

The triplets keep the planet safe.

The brighter the star, the more stable the planet gets.


The brightness of the stars is divided into level 1 to 10.

It can light up planets from level 3. and can create a constellation from level 7.

As the level gets higher, it gives impact on the galaxy.

When it reaches level 10 , the starlight spreads to other galaxies.

The constellations are formed with each purpose from the light of the triplets.

The brighter the triplets are, the constellations are formed in a higher level.


High-dimensional(level) constellations have the power to protect galaxies beyond the planets.

The ones with higher dimensions crosses over to other galaxies , working on stabilizing them.


Each constellation plays variety of roles to raise the level of the star.

The seven constellations of Theapion each have their own missions and play their role in proportion of the mission.

All of the constellations have no names. They are just all called 'On'.

Instead, the Ondori which plays a role alongside 'On', has its own color.

<Ondori representing the 'On'>

7 Ondol.png

'On' is watching over several planets and galaxies through gates.

One day, 'On' discovers a planet with its light dying out.

The planet is Earth...


Through time travel ‘On’ finds out that the earthlings are now living in the most advanced industrial and financial digital era in history, but environmental problems have become serious and their minds have been devastated by the pandemic.


Knowing the potential of the good Earthlings, ‘On’ decides to open a gate and go to save Earth.

After arriving on Earth, 'On' makes multi-therapy and sends 'Ondori' to the world to get to know the Earthlings.


'Ondori' learns about the people of the Earth by listening to many stories from all over the world.

And everything that has been learnt is transmitted back to the world through multi-therapy.


The dying light of the earth .

How can it be bright again?


Let's start the project.

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